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May 04, 2023

In response to the recent troubles of a handful of other banks in the United States, we would like to assure you, our clients, that Metropolitan Bank remains unaffected and a healthy, responsible and safe institution for your money.


Maintaining your trust and confidence has been our foremost priority since the Bank’s inception in 1983. In furtherance of this, the Bank’s investment strategy has always been an extremely conservative one where the vast majority of its assets are in the form of loans to local clients here in the San Francisco Bay Area. These loans are secured by local residential and commercial real estate, diversified by business types and property uses, and are performing well.  Also, with regard to the Bank’s liquidity, the vast bulk of its deposits are from you, our local clientele, and are sourced from a large number of deposit customers, rather than a small few, causing the Bank to be less sensitive to the risk of any run on its deposits.  Furthermore, Metropolitan Bank remains very profitable and features excellent asset quality, which should be the foundation for consumer confidence in any bank.


We are and remain your community bank that reinvests your deposits in our local Bay Area community, and we are proud to have safeguarded our community’s money for the past 40 years.

Henry Kiang,

Chief Executive Officer

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