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We welcome the opportunity to serve as your personal banker. At Metropolitan Bank, we are committed to unparalleled service and competitive rates.

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At Metropolitan Bank, we aim to make your transition from your current banking relationship as transparent and quick as possible. We recognize that gathering the necessary documentation to open your account may be a hassle, but given our high quality, personable banking staff and expertise within the industry, you’ll be guaranteed a smooth transition. Personal, Corporate, Sole Proprietorships, LLC, LP, and LLP – all are welcome.

Personal, Corporate, Sole Proprietorships, LLC, LP, and LLP – all are welcome.

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Your relationship banker will go to your office or location of your choice and gather information to handle the rest. As a Community Bank, we make it easy to:

  • Order checks, deposit tickets, endorsement stamps, and debit cards
  • Complete the forms necessary to open your account such as deposit application, TIN certification, or trust certification
  • Assist with the set up of online banking with bill payments and wire templates
  • Work with you to update your vendor's bank information such as direct deposits, merchant services, and automatic payments
  • Teach you about our cash management tools such as Remote Deposit Capture, ACH Transfers, and Online Banking

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Begin using your account!

We thank you for choosing us as your personal banker.