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Schedule of Charges

Accounts which remain inactive for 3 years are escheated to the State as required by law. Any such account may be reclaimed by presenting adequate proof to the State.

These schedules may be changed at any time by the Bank effective upon notification of the change, either by mailing a notice to each depositor at the address on record, by posting in the lobby of each Bank office, or by any other usual means of communication with the depositor in compliance with Federal and State Banking Laws.

If you have any questions, an officer at Metropolitan Bank will be pleased to answer them.

Miscellaneous Charges

Counter Check$2.00 each
Cashier's Check$8.00 eachVIP customers get 3 free cashier's check per month
Special Handling Item$5.00 per item
Verification of Account$10.00VIP customers can get at no extra charge
Stop Payment and Renewal$30.00 per item
Special Statement Request$6.00 each
Photocopy Statement$5.00 per copy
Photocopy of Check$5.00 per copy
Close Account Within 90 days$25.00 per account
Record Research Fee$30.00 per hourMinimum one hour of research time
Photocopy or Paper Copy$0.20 per pageSingle sided page
Express Mail$30.00

Wire Transfer

Incoming$15.00Both Domestically and Internationally
Outgoing (Domestic)$30.00
Outgoing (International)$45.00


Domestic, International, Canadian Returned Item$30.00


Liens, Levies, Attachments, Beneficiary Disputes, Garnishments, etc$100.00 per occurrence

Safe Deposit Box

Lost Key$25.00
Rental Payment Late Fee$25.00 annual charge

Retirement Plan Charges

Annual Trustee Fee

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)Free
Self-Direct IRA$30.00 per plan
Enrollment (New Plans Only)Free


Lump Sum$15.00 per occurrence
Partial$15.00 per occurrence
Periodic$15.00 per occurrence
Assumption (Spouse Beneficiary)$15.00 per occurrence
Mandatory Age 72 DistributionNo Charge
Termination / Transfer Out$25.00 per occurrence
Marital Dissolution$50.00 per occurrence

Non-Spouse Beneficiary Health Saving Account

Distribution$12.00 per occurrence
Account Closing$25.00Includes Transfers / Rollovers

Other Checking Account Charges

Non-Sufficient Fund FeeNo Charge
Deposited check returned$12.00 per item
*Overdraft Returned Items$35.00 per itemIncludes Refer to Maker, Account Closed, Checks, Electric Transfers, ACH Debits
*Overdraft Fee Maximum$175.00 per day

*Bank does not permit overdrafts through in-Person Withdrawals, ATM Withdrawals, or Debit Card Purchases.

Items drawn on us presented for cashing by non-customer is $10 minimum or 1% of the check amount, whichever is greater.